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The Coleman Sevylor Specialists – Two-Person Inflatable Boat is a great buy for those who want to go fishing or river floating. The boat can hold up to 370 pounds and accommodates two people. It comes with a grab line that can make boarding and disembarking easy. Each Coleman inflatable boat is crafted from a specialized durable PVC material, making it resistant to wear and tear. It’s ideal for the avid sports person, or anyone who enjoys spending time on the water. It can be used to fish smaller game fish, or it can be used to navigate the waters to get to a larger boat. It is easily inflatable and has extra air chambers for safety. This fishing inflatable boat features molded oarlocks for easy paddling. Every unit is NMMA-certified using ABYC standards to ensure safety when correct water safety protocols are followed. The molded oarlocks ensure that it’s easy to use the boat with a variety of different oars for comfort and functionality.

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Coleman Sevylor Two-Person Inflatable Boat:

* Grab line for easy boarding
* Molded oarlocks
* 4 air chambers
* NMMA-certified using ABYC standards
* Thick, durable PVC
* Coleman inflatable boat holds up to 370 lbs