Useful tips for Moms who feel frustration when your child goes to use bathroom for the first time or you might not know how to start. These tips can be very helpful!

• Remember it will take time and patience (about 1-2 weeks)
• Buy any incentives that can act as motivation for example; Super Heroes Stickers, eatables like Cheerios, M&M’s, Fruit Snacks, Goldfish, keep on hand to use at the right time
• A Timer
• They believe they are independent, keep extra underwear inside the bathroom (In case of accidents)
• Do not make the mistake of going back to diapers when you know they are ready to use potty!
• Take your child to the bathroom every 30 minutes even if they say they do not want to go potty. You have to keep the frequency of 30 minutes as a child’s bladder is small and can not hold much urine

Girl: Have her seating for at least 7-10 minutes. Read a book and show her the pictures of the book or just wait for the timer to keep her mind busy or allow her to hold the timer. Remember always to keep her mind occupied

Boy: Have him seating or stand 7-10 minutes. Have him throw Cheerios or goldfish into the water. Encourage to aim at the Cheerios or goldfish


Your body language needs to show them that will be ok. Demonstrates relaxation and do not get upset if they don’t succeed every time you take them to the potty or if they wet their clothes. Always use positive language as good job! Maybe the next time you will! Remember to use incentives when they have success. Good luck!! Let this be a pleasant experience.

I hope this tips can help you and your little one

What tips or ideas do you have to share with our readers? How was your experience? Tell us!

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Thanks to Yesenia Ramirez